How can I become a member?

All members of the co-op are voted in by the Board. The reason we do this is to ensure the vision of the space is maintained, as well as the safety of members and the space itself. We ask that people not directly known by current members submit a short bio about themselves including why they want to be a part of the space and what art forms they wish to practice there. Contact a Board member if interested!


What are the benefits of being a member?

Members of the co-op can use the space and the equipment (aerial silks,single point lyra, double point lyra, static and spinning poles, hoops, yoga mats and blocks, bouldering cave) to work out, practice, rehearse and play at all times, day and night, provided there is no class taking place. They can attend all the Open Gyms for free, and some teachers have special member rates for their classes.

How much does it cost?

Membership cost is $50 per month.